With over 200,000 lakes, thousands of islands and national parks, including Europe’s largest protected area, and convenient transport connections, Sweeden is both exotic and accessible.

Sweden largest cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, where the event will take place.


“Malmo is a place where old meets new: from its proud castle and showpiece squares in the heart of the Old Town to the cosmopolitan promenades of the Western Harbor’s vibrant redeveloped waterfront.”

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Climate and Clothing

It is early summer the temperature normally varies from 16 to 25 °C. Please note there may be occasional showers.

Passport and Visas

Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin. We suggest you contact your local Consulate for full and official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedure that apply to you.


In Sweden the electrical voltage used is 220/230V.

Important numbers

In Sweden the emergency number for calling the police, ambulance or fire brigade is 112. For any other queries, please contact a local hospital or health centre. For 24h non-emergency health advice and care, dial 1177.


Lisbon is the main city of Portugal, situated right in the centre of the country in the northern margin of the river Tagus. Its International airport is at 15 minutes from the city centre and from all the main hotels.

The most important European Airlines, as well as some North America Airlines, operate direct daily flights to Lisbon, from the most important European Capitals and North America.

For delegates making intercontinental flights, the best connecting hubs in Europe are Amsterdam, Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, Madrid or London.

By Plane

You can fly directly to Malmö Airport, but Copenhagen Airport in Denmark tends to have more frequent international flights. The regular Öresundståg trains take you from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö’s central station (across the Öresund Bridge) in less than 30 minutes.

By Train

SJ national trains run from major cities, such as Stockholm (4.5 hours) and Gothenburg (3 hours) to Malmö.

By Car

From mainland Europe, the drive from central Copenhagen over the Öresund Bridge takes around 50 minutes.

By Sea

The Port of Lisbon is the busiest port on the European Atlantic coast. It has three terminals for cruise ships: the Alcântara, Rocha de Conde d’Óbidos and the Santa Apolónia terminals. Lisbon is often a port of call for many cruise ships (coming from many different places). Furthermore, the city also has marinas for pleasure boats in the docks of Belém, Santo Amaro, Bom Sucesso. Alcântara and, most recently, the Olivais Docks.


There is a wide inexpensive network in all towns and cities. In Lisbon, city of the seven hills, you can choose between bus, underground metro, elevators, and electric trams, within the city or to the suburbs. Trains and express bus service also links the main towns of the country.

From the Airport

Once landed at Lisbon’s Airport, a scheduled bus is operating regular transfers between the Airport and the city centre. Catching a taxi is easy and from Lisbon’s airport to the city centre it will cost approximately € 10.


Uber is available in Lisbon and operates effectively. Download the app to get around.

Taxi voucher

Service at the Lisbon Airport – courtesy, friendliness, and safe driving.

This service is available to passengers arriving at Lisboa Airport who wish to travel by taxi.

The service operates with vouchers on sale at the Turismo de Lisboa counter, located in the Arrivals Hall. The price of the voucher depends on the distance of the trip and on the type of service required: normal or personalized (in the former, the driver is trained to speak foreign languages and acts as tourist guide).
Detailed information regarding public transportation is available at: for trams and buses for metros


The Palace was built at the orders of José Luís Constantino, the Marquis of Valle Flor – the great cacao production pioneer in Sao Tome and Principe in the 19th century. He was son of a farming family of the Trás-os-Montes Region, and went to Sao Tome and Principe in 1871 in search of agricultural opportunities and the organisation of the territory. From 1012 to 1915, the archipelago became the largest cacao producer in the world. He held many positions of service to the Portuguese kingdom thanks to his loyalty to the colonial policy, and was named Marquis by King Carlos for his persistent entrepreneurial spirit.

The Palace was projected by the Italian architect Nicola Bigaglia, the decoration being inspired by the times of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI as the Marquis also owned a small Palace in Paris. The result was an eclectic mix of his experiences in Sao Tome, Portugal and France. One century later, the Palace is shining again, now as one of the world´s best hotels.

Rua Jau, 54 , 1300-314 , Lisboa Phone (+351) 213 615 600


25 June

DAY 1 - 25.06.2024

9AM – 9:15AM

Intro of the Day
SPEAKER: Björn Englund

9:15AM – 11:30AM

Becoming fit-for-future: Strategy 2025-27
Speakers: Björn Englund, Kaïs Tahiri, Liviu Constantinescu, Marc Elben, Marcus Menzer,
Céline-Valerie Casetou

11:30AM – 12PM


12PM – 12:15PM

How AI and technology can drive clinical care and efficiency

Speaker: Len Usvyat

12:15PM – 13PM

Realizing value from AI to drive profitable growth

Speaker: Guest Speaker

13PM – 14PM


14PM – 14:45PM

How we drive digitalization/AI to realize our strategy

Speaker: Liviu Constantinescu, Marc Elben

14:45PM – 15:15PM

Medical Office: Building strong analytics foundation

Speaker: Stefano Stuard

15:15PM – 15:45PM


15:45PM – 16:15PM


16:15PM – 16:45PM

The Future of HR and how it will support our Strategy

Speaker: Maria Laura Gortan

16:45PM – 17:15PM

Compliance: Supporting our strategic agenda

Speaker: Rasmus Bleckmann

17:15PM – 17:45PM

Driving our CDI Strategy with impactful communications

Speaker: Stefanie Gerhardt

17:45PM – 18PM

Q&A & Closing remarks

Speakers: Björn Englund, Maria Laura Gortan, Stefanie Gerhardt

26 June

DAY 2 - 26.06.2024

9AM – 9:15AM

Intro of the Day
SPEAKER: Björn Englund

9:15AM – 9:30AM

Launch: Country growth idea competition

Speakers: Björn Englund, Cosmin Bordea, Kaïs Tahiri, Krishna Chellappa, Marcus Menzer

9:30AM – 9:45AM

Intro break-out groups

Speakers: Cosmin Bordea, Liviu Constantinescu, Marcin Mariak, Maria Laura Gortan

9:45AM – 10AM

Transfer to Break-out rooms

10AM – 13PM

Strategic Initiative Break-outs

Speakers: Cosmin Bordea, Liviu Constantinescu, Marcin Mariak, Maria Laura Gortan

13PM – 14PM


14PM – 15PM

Results sharing & awarding

Speakers: Cosmin Bordea, Maria Laura Gortan, Liviu Constantinescu, Marcin Mariak

15PM – 15:30PM

Q&A, Closing remarks

Speakers: Björn Englund, Cosmin Bordea, Maria Laura Gortan, Liviu Constantinescu,
Marcin Mariak

15:30PM – 18PM

Networking Event

Speakers: Dorothee Weber

27 June

DAY 3 - 27.06.2024

8:30AM – 8:45AM

Intro of the Day
SPEAKER: Björn Englund

8:45AM – 9:15AM

Budget Intro: Goals, Targets, Process, Timeline

Speaker: Marcin Mariak

9:15AM – 9:45AM

Budget Anaplan Intro

Speaker: Michal Lyskawa

9:45AM – 11AM

Budget Assumptions and Budget 25 Initiatives Focus –
“Winning by deliver”

Speaker: Marcin Mariak

11AM – 11:15AM


11:15AM – 11:45AM

Budget Salaries Planning

Speakers: Maria Laura Gortan

11:45AM – 12:30PM

Budget Summary Session

Speakers: Marcin Mariak and CDI Management Team

12:30PM – 12:45PM


Speakers: Marcin Mariak and CDI Management Team

12:45PM – 13PM

Closing remarks

Speaker: Björn Englund

13PM – 14PM